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San Lorenzo Lodges are perfect holiday retreats for those who seek complete privacy and personalized service.

From the infinite white horizons of the mountains of the Dolomites to the boundless sea of the Italian Coast through the historic Piazza Navona and Sant’ Agnese Church in Roma, San Lorenzo Lodges offers an understanding of travel and of hospitality that pushes beyond the customary limits.

Owners are Giorgia and Stefano Barbini who used to work in the world of Fashion and 20 years ago decided to change their lives and to create luxury retreats and home away from home with authenticity and refined style.

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San Lorenzo Lodges / DESCRIPTION

Sleep in elegance & sophistication

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge is a unique luxury estate with a great deal of charm that accommodates up to a maximum of ten guests within four bedrooms.  
Everything is designed to offer discreet luxury, incomparable personal service, and utter privacy. 

The 74ft catamaran can accommodate up to 10 guests in four separate spaces in the hulls including 2 deluxe cabins and 2 VIP cabins. Each of them designed to the smallest detail to bring comfort and pleasure. 
Thanks to spacious windows guests can wake up in the morning sun and go to sleep in the star light.

Crossing the threshold into the Holy Deer San Lorenzo City Lodge, situated directly on Piazza Navona, is like stepping into all the richness of Roman history.
This luxurious 3770 sq. feet space offers 2 bedrooms. One overlooks the romantic Via dell’Anima; the other, the sumptuous Pope’s Room, looks directly onto Piazza Navona and has its private balcony that overlooks the square. 

Indulge your every need

With a complete privacy, the San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge offers an appointed spa, a stylish lounge with fireplace, a cosy Stube parlour with adjoining tea room, an outdoor whirlpool with spectacular views, a fine wine cellar, and its own private helipad.
Since 2012, San Lorenzo has what is thus far the only private golf course in the Alps – for the exclusive use of lodge guests. 

With its 2700 sq.feet, cruising onboard the Blue Deer is an unforgettable experience for family and friends’ cruises.  

The Holy Deer is a contemporary home immersed within a historical context. 
In addition to the two bedrooms, there are a study, a music room, a library, a lounge for conversing or watching TV, a dining room and a kitchen. 
Conceived as a place to gather together and socialize, each of these spaces has been meticulously designed to help guests enjoy the intimacy of a private retreat to the fullest, and to indulge in creative idleness.

Pamper your palate

Giorgia and Stefano agree wholeheartedly: a true chef can be recognized by a simple plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce. And that is the true essence of their vision, an authentic cuisine with local ingredients to offer unforgettable gustative, visual and olfactory experiences.

During a stay at the White Deer, the culinary talents of Giorgia, the owner and property's official Chef, will delight the most refined palates.

Savour your surroundings

Like cocoons, all the details have been chosen to offer an extraordinary experience to the guests. 
In each of the San Lorenzo Lodges, everything has been done to fully enjoy local wonders and to completely immerse yourself in the history, nature and beauties of Italy.

Design your private, exclusive events

Completely private, the three lodges are at disposal for an exclusive use only. 
With a butler, housekeeping and kitchen services, stays can be personalized according to guests’ expectations and special events.

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